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Pet of the Month for November


Hello, My name is Rory! I am a 4 and a half year old Domestic Shorthair and some say I am a little chubby but I don’t think so, I think I am just right.

I am a very playful and smart orange tabby, hence my name Rory which means red head. I love to play with my toys by throwing them in the air and catching them. Of course it is more fun if someone throws them for me.

I love paper bags as they are so much fun to hide in and chase toys into.
I am very smart as I can sit and even shake a paw for a treat, just like a dog. Who says you can’t teach a cat to do tricks. Anything for a treat!

I am also an excellent jumper. My mom was shocked to find me up on top of the TV Cabinet sleeping amongst her teddy collection.

My second favourite pastime is sleeping wherever I like and whenever I like. I love to visit my friends at North Shore Vet for a nail trim. They love me as I am a non-stop purr machine and I give lots of cuddles in return.

I have lived with my Mom for 2 and a half years since she adopted me. She really loves me and give me lots of cuddles and hugs. I love to roll on the floor and get tummy rubs but sometimes I get so excited I give love bites.

Lastly, I think I am the “Best Cat Ever”.

Cheers, Rory



Emergency Clinic Information

Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic for advice and/or care at 604.879.3737

2303 Alberta St, Vancouver, BC


Canada West Veterinary Specialists at 604.473.4882

1988 Kootenay St, Vancouver, BC

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Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic has Moved

The Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre has moved from it’s longtime address on West 4th Avenue to 2303 Alberta Street, Vancouver. They are open 24 hours a day and their new phone number is 604-879-3737. Please contact them if your pet requires after hours care.


My Vet Store

You can now buy your pet food and supplies online. Please visit to make an account and have everything either delivered to the clinic or straight to your home. No need to lug home big bags of food anymore and you can set up automatic orders so that you never run out of your pet supplies again.


Custom Hand Painted Pet Portraits

One of our lovely client’s, Sue, has recently started offering her beautiful custom hand painted water colour pet portraits for sale!

Here are some examples of her wonderful artwork.

Please contact the clinic for more information.

Sue - Pom (1)Tammy

Sue - PersianSue Bird Cat





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North Vancouver, BC  V7J 3P2
Clinic Hours:
After Hours Contact:
Vancouver Animal Emergency & Referral Centre
2303 Alberta Street, Vancouver
604 879 3737

Canada West Veterinary Specialists
1988 Kootenay Street, Vancouver
604 473 4882

Central Animal Emergency Clinic
812 Roderick Avenue, Coquitlam
604 931 1911

Fraser Valley:
Animal Emergency Clinic
Of The Fraser Valley
6325 204 Street, Langley
604 514 1711