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Pet of the Month for May

We have a brother and sister pair for our Pets of the Month for May! They are so cute, you can just see why we had to highlight them together!  

We got Jazz (1 3/4 years old), together as a pair, with his sister Jade from VOKRA in the fall of 2016, after our previous cat of 13-years passed away. We absolutely could not be any happier with the two of them. They are inseparable. They are quite complimentary to each other.
Jazz is such a funny boy, he is a big cuddly teddy bear who just loves his crunchies. He LIVES for his crunchies. You can whisper the word “crunchies” and out of a deep slumber, his ears perk up and he is at his bowl within seconds. He is the sweetest boy who will fall asleep in your arms for hours. But, he is slightly less coordinated than his sister Jade, he just doesn’t seem to always land on his feet. He tends to observe and copy his sister Jade as she orchestrates plans for the two of them to sabotage our sleep. If they are not cuddled with us on our beds, they are often heard racing up and down the hallways of our house, and occasionally digging holes in the plants in our sunroom.

Jade is very smart and playful. She will run in front of you and flop down at your feet and roll over waiting for you to pet her. She doesn’t like to be held as much as Jazz, as she is quick to tell you when she wants to be put down, but she is the friendliest and most curious of the two. The two of them are the perfect pair. They love each other so much and are always looking out for each other, but will often be caught playfully fighting, chasing each other around the house and ending their match by licking each other curled up on one of our beds.

We could not be more grateful for VOKRA for encouraging us to rescue two cats together and to North Shore Veterinary Clinic for always taking such excellent care of Jazz and Jade.

Aren’t they just the sweetest pair?


Emergency Clinic Information

Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic for advice and/or care at 604.879.3737

2303 Alberta St, Vancouver, BC


Canada West Veterinary Specialists at 604.473.4882

1988 Kootenay St, Vancouver, BC

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Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic has Moved

The Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre has moved from it’s longtime address on West 4th Avenue to 2303 Alberta Street, Vancouver. They are open 24 hours a day and their new phone number is 604-879-3737. Please contact them if your pet requires after hours care.


My Vet Store

You can now buy your pet food and supplies online. Please visit to make an account and have everything either delivered to the clinic or straight to your home. No need to lug home big bags of food anymore and you can set up automatic orders so that you never run out of your pet supplies again.


Custom Hand Painted Pet Portraits

One of our lovely client’s, Sue, has recently started offering her beautiful custom hand painted water colour pet portraits for sale!

Here are some examples of her wonderful artwork.

Please contact the clinic for more information.

Sue - Pom (1)Tammy

Sue - PersianSue Bird Cat





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