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Pet of the Month for May


  We have chosen two adorable Ragdoll cats to be our Pets of the Month for May! Here is what their loving as to say about them.

“Charlotte just turned 3 and Jack Jack is 8 months old. I got Jack Jack from a fantastic ragdoll breeder, Karli from Flowerbaby Ragdolls in Iowa. I flew out a week before my birthday to get him. It was quite a journey, needless to say, he drew alot of attention at the airport, he’s a chatterbox for sure. He would not stop crying on the plane, it was embarrassing but the people were very understanding and patient.

Charlotte’s quirks is that she is a kleptomaniac. In that she likes to steal and hide things. I have found her stockpile which consists of underwear, toys, hair clips, socks, pretty much anything and everything that she can carry. She also likes to drop her toy mice in my bed. Very nice to wake up to. If you don’t want her to take stuff, its best to lock your valuables. She also fetches, chatting with birds and enjoys making biscuits.

Jack Jack is a true floppy ragdoll. When you start petting him, his legs turn to jello and he just flops, its the funniest thing. He is also an extremely loud purr’er. Very therapeutic for the soul. He knows when you’re having a down day, he’ll just come and snuggle you until you feel better. He also likes to drink from the tap and hang out in the sink. He does not like to share new toys, he growls if you try to take it away from him. He’s very attached to me, but for whatever reason, around 9 or 10pm, he retires to the bedroom for his alone time.

They both have no concept of personal space, they’ll follow you from room to room and will not let you do any work, if there is paper or a keyboard, they need to be on it! If there are boxes, they need to be in it! They don’t make very good assistants.

Charlotte is a picky eater but Jack Jack likes to eat everything, so when it comes to treats, it doesn’t matter, he’ll eat it, there is no off button.

I’m very lucky to have them both and would never trade them for anything, well maybe tacos because I have a weakness for them. “

Thank you for bringing such beautiful cats to our clinic to see us!


Emergency Clinic Information

Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic for advice and/or care at 604.879.3737

2303 Alberta St, Vancouver, BC


Canada West Veterinary Specialists at 604.473.4882

1988 Kootenay St, Vancouver, BC

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Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic has Moved

The Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre has moved from it’s longtime address on West 4th Avenue to 2303 Alberta Street, Vancouver. They are open 24 hours a day and their new phone number is 604-879-3737. Please contact them if your pet requires after hours care.


My Vet Store

You can now buy your pet food and supplies online. Please visit to make an account and have everything either delivered to the clinic or straight to your home. No need to lug home big bags of food anymore and you can set up automatic orders so that you never run out of your pet supplies again.


Custom Hand Painted Pet Portraits

One of our lovely client’s, Sue, has recently started offering her beautiful custom hand painted water colour pet portraits for sale!

Here are some examples of her wonderful artwork.

Please contact the clinic for more information.

Sue - Pom (1)Tammy

Sue - PersianSue Bird Cat





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