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“Furgie” Penz

Furgus McGillicuddy Bear, Cinnamon Bun, Sweet Pea, Raccoon Cat, Short Stack of Pancakes, Butternut Squash, Fuzzy Noodle, Furry Sausage, Jasper, Friendly-Bear, Squish-Squash, Freckle-Faced Kid and Buttercup are just a few of the nicknames bestowed on my beloved Furgie over the decade I was blessed with her lovely presence.

With a sweet, open face like a daisy and a Maine Coon coat which shimmered with hues of brown and sometimes Irish green, my home was always abloom with her kind and gentle spirit. How many times she waited for me at the door for my safe return.

She was undemanding and patient and bravely faced health challenges that necessitated medical interventions. Saint-like, she always gave more than she took, seeing to my comfort to the very end.

How I wish she could have remained with me much longer, though she lives on in my heart. I will never forget her and will love her forever.


Booger Walker

“Booger” was our Pet of the Month in February 2016 but sadly he passed away at the end of February. ÂThe world is not the same place without you “Boogie”!

We all miss you dearly!


Booger is a feisty little guy who has been coming to us as a new puppy since August 2003. He is such a character!

His family just loves him to pieces! He loves to talk and order you around with his little growl. He has slept with us every night since he was a puppy. He snores like a freight train. He sings happy birthday. He always joins in every time. He also sings to the last post. He does a little dance on the bed every day when we get home. He literally dances and twirls all over the bed.

They describe him as a little Hoover and LOVES camping trips.  He likes to make a little piglet noise and adores the attention he gets when he makes it!

He had lost a few buddies over the years but the most influential to him was Cody our husky/shepherd. She was older when Booger came along and she was his Mummy for sure. They were so bonded and they loved to cuddle all the time.

You are an amazing little dog Booger! Keep living life to the fullest!

Booger Walker

“Pooter” Chutter
“Poots” was a 14.5 year old Chihuahua mix who was full of spunk and spirit! This little love-bug had been a client of ours since 2002 and will be sadly missed by all of us who were lucky enough to know her.

Some dogs come into your life and put their little paw print right on your heart. Pooter was definitely one of those special dogs! Her family describes her as a loving girl who would always appear beside you when you needed some love.

One of her family’s favourite memories of her was when “Poots” would present her cheek to everyone to be kissed without ever licking their face. She would wait patiently an inch away from them, her head turned to one side, willing them to kiss her cheek, looming closer until they gave in! Such a sweetheart!

Some of her favourite things to do was to snuggle on the couch and watch suspenseful movies- “Jaws” and “The Shining” were her favourites, spinning and chasing her tail to show off and barking at animals on TV.

We miss you “Poots”, you are still bringing us smiles and happy memories!




To all of the furry friends we’ve loved and lost. We remember them fondly.

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