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The North Shore Veterinary Clinic team includes a number of experienced veterinarians with varying areas of expertise who work together to provide the best, most well-rounded care for your pet.


Dr. Terri Clemett  

Dr. Terri Clemett

Dr. Clemett was born in British Columbia and has resided on the North Shore since 1970. She has always had a great love of animals and aspired to be a veterinarian from a very young age. She started working at Lonsdale Pet Hospital as a kennel assistant and while working in different roles learned to appreciate the importance of each position. Dr. Clemett graduated from Ontario Veterinary College with honours in 1980. Soon after that she started managing the general practice at Knight Road Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Nick Bussanich, an animal ophthalmologist. After her daughters Cara and Lauren were born, she worked as a locum veterinarian in different practices in Greater Vancouver until settling in at Marine Drive Veterinary Hospital working with Dr. Alfred Burt for a number of years. She fulfilled her life-long dream and opened the North Shore Veterinary Clinic in 1994. Dr. Clemett lives in Deep Cove with her husband John and her three rescue dogs Ruby, Roxy, and Chloe.

Dr. Mary Plischke  

Dr. Mary Plischke

Although Dr. Plischke wanted to be a veterinarian as a child, she switched to Chemistry in college. After four years of college, four years of graduate school and two years of tutoring chemistry she decided to go back to her first love, veterinary medicine. So this was two more years of university and 4 years of veterinary school but she finally got it right. She graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979. She was a partner at Burnaby Veterinary Hospital for 19 years, and has been at the North Shore Veterinary Clinic since 1998. Her husband keeps her from adopting every stray she sees so she currently has two golden retrievers, Levi and Remy, and two cats, Myriam and Corey.

Dr. Shaunne Gorrie & Orion  

Dr. Shaunne Gorrie

Dr. Gorrie grew up in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia with 2 budgies and 2 Irish Wolfhounds. She originally intended to become a human medical doctor, but decided she was better suited for veterinary medicine while attending the University of Victoria. She graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon in 1988, and has been in small animal practice since that time in Victoria and Vancouver. She has been happily practicing at the North Shore Veterinary Clinic since 2003. She has had a variety of furred and feathered companions and currently lives with her husband, three cockatiels, two budgies, one dove, four cats, one rabbit, one guinea pig, and one chinchilla.


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Dr. Bob Horne

Dr. Horne was born and raised on the North Shore. From early childhood he has loved & admired animals. After achieving a Bachelor of Animal Science degree at UBC he realized that the only career he wanted was in Veterinary Medicine. He attended the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon for another 4 years and graduated in 1984. His first job as a Veterinarian was in Aldergrove, he then worked at Granville Island Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Dennis Jackson. Since then he has worked in Port Coquitlam for 29 years and has now come full circle back to his favorite place, North Vancouver. Dr. Horne owned a Jack Russell Terrier named Emma and he looks forward to working and spending more time with his friends & family on the North Shore.


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Dr. Carmen Lo

Dr. Lo grew up in Vancouver for the majority of her life. She attended the University of British Columbia and earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing in 2000. However, she decided to pursue her childhood dream of being a veterinarian and obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2007. Before moving back to Vancouver, she moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland, and worked at a 7 doctor veterinary hospital for a year and a half.

Dr. Lo enjoys gardening, crocheting, making jewelry, drawing, and traveling with her husband when she is not working. Currently, she is leaning to play the violin as well.


Dr. Kath Sang

Dr. Kath Sang was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and graduated from Edinburgh University with a BSc in Biology in 1991, then completed a PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Cambridge, UK in 1997. After working as a postdoctoral associate and then in the pharmaceutical industry, she finally pursued a long-held dream of becoming a veterinarian, graduating from the Royal School of Veterinary Studies at Edinburgh University in 2007.

Dr. Sang has worked at several clinics in Vancouver, on the North Shore ad Lower Mainland, and is very happy to be part of the North Shore Veterinary Clinic team. She lives on the North Shoe with her husband and two young sons, and spends her spare time hiking, camping and skiing with them.


Dr. Dirk Van der Walt

Dr. Van der Walt was born and grew up near Ottawa, Ontario. When he was young, he got interested in all kinds of animals which lead to bird watching, tropical aquariums, pet birds and, at different times, turtles, snakes, newts and raising an orphaned baby robin one summer. During high school, he worked part time at Kanata Animal Hospital near Ottawa. After high school he entered the University of Guelph in undergrad science and then applied to the Ontario Veterinary College (located in Guelph). He graduated from OVC in 1989 and worked for a year at Willowdale Animal Hospital, a 24 hour hospital in Toronto. He was offered a job at Kanata Animal Hospital in 1990 (now as a vet) and he was there for 6 years.
In 1996, he left Kanata and took several months off to travel BC, Alaska, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories before settling in Vancouver. Since then he has worked as a locum around the lower mainland with occasional work in northern BC including Haida, Gwaii and, briefly, a locum in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Van der Walt has done some volunteer Veterinary work in Bolivia and also some spay/neuter clinics in Thailand.

His interests include travel, music and mountain biking. He currently has a dog, Mini Me, who was brought back from Thailand in 2005.


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